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Your safety is a priority to us at Color Dash. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our participants, charity partners, crew, & mother nature at each event around the Globe. With over 350 events and hundreds of thousands of dashers we have nothing more than a desire for you to enjoy our events and raise funds while sharing the hearts and minds behind the most amazing charity partners we could imagine.

Our Color Dash powder is made in the US of A. The colorants used in the powder FDA certified FD&C, D&C or non-toxic pigments. The non-toxic colorants are used in the UV color powder.

When choosing your Color-type event, keep in mind there are many low quality events that use less expensive powder purchased from unregulated overseas vendors which can be dangerous.

Color Dash has always believed in quality events and with that comes high quality color even though the cost is higher. While we think Color Dash is the best colored 5k fun-run, if you chose to Dash with another event, please be sure their color is high quality and made in the USA.


Fire is a concern when throwing dry powdered material, so we do not recommend using our color indoors or in low ventilated areas.

We have reformulated our color powder to contain natural fire retardant material and natural non-flammable material. Our color manufacturer's extra effort and proprietary formula makes the color you've all grown to love, non-flammable. At Color Dash UV Splash events, when using UV powder, we use only LED lights due to the lack of heat the lights produce to alleviate any other potential threat of open lighting and the dust created by throwing color.

The added shimmer is also non-flammable, nontoxic and is FDA approved cosmetic pigment -- a lot like those shimmer eyeshadows we love.

Allergies | Sensitivities

To alleviate other concerns and to create a family-fun dash environment Color Dash also does not allow smoking in the general dash area unless specified.

People with corn allergies, allergies to any other components of the color components, respiratory issues or asthma should avoid the Color Dash powder.

If you are sensitive, we recommend wearing googles, bandanas or dusk masks to significantly decrease the amount of exposure to the color materials.


Because we always want to show love to our mother (nature), the color is non-toxic for her too, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

The Color Dash is committed to your safety through our color, events and guidelines. We do encourage our dashers to eat healthy, engage in physical activity and create moments that last a lifetime through the laughter and community fun of the Color Dash.

There are inherent risks involved with dashing and/or volunteering at Color Dash events -- but as is the case with so many of our daily activities. The Color Dash is and will always continue to do our best to promote health, wellness and safety for everyone involved, specifically through our research and quality of fun, safe events and event components.

For more information on the color we use, please visit:

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