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Every Color Matters Color Dash 5k

with the Hormel Institute.

50% of the profit from every Color Dash ticket and merchandise sold goes into the community. 40% will go to local cancer organizations and 10% will go to The Hormel Institute in Austin, MN.

The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota is a cancer research institute focusing on discoveries leading to the better understanding of how cancer works and more effective ways of preventing and controlling cancer. Supporting the cutting-edge research of The Hormel Institute will further their world-renowned cancer research discoveries and achievements and ensure their aggressive work continues to move forward in the fight against cancer and toward The Hormel Institute’s mission to accelerate answers to cancer as quickly as possible.

At the end of the day, if all we are is just a fun-run 5k, we aren’t living up to our dream and mission. Every Color Matters is coming to select cities providing a color-filled 5k experience that will thrill the community and create life lasting memories while remembering, fighting and benefiting loved ones in their battle with cancer. 50% of the profit from registrations and merchandise from these events will be used to raise money for charities and organizations around the Globe. The funds raised by Every Color Matters events will specifically benefit cancer-care related organizations, hence celebrating and fighting alongside every ‘color’ of cancer.


Choose Your Cause

When you register, choose which cancer you are dashing for and get a colored bib to match your cause! Don't see your color during the registration process? Email using the envelope icon below and we'll consider getting your color added!

  • Pink: Breast, Thyroid, Head/Neck, Multiple Myeloma & Uterine Cancer
  • Orange: Kidney Cancer & Leukemia
  • Yellow: Bladder, Childhood, & Bone Cancer
  • Green: Cervical, Liver, Lymphoma & Ovarian Cancer
  • Blue: Colon, Esophageal, Prostate, & Stomach Cancer
  • Purple: Leiomyosarcoma, Pancreatic, Testicular, & Lung Cancer
  • Black: Melanoma
  • Gray: Brain Cancer


Individual VIP Registrations Only 300 Tickets Available!

$75.00 Per Person *Include Dash Kit, VIP Bag, and VIP Concert seating. You will also be entered into a drawing for 2 Meet and Greet Passes.

Ages 10 and Older $30 Per Person |Two Weeks Out: $40 Per Person | Last Week: $50 Per Person *Includes Dash Kit. Wear your Bib to get Section 2 Concert Seating. MUST wear your Bib in order to gain concert access.

Ages 3 to 9 $20 Per Child |Two Weeks Out: $30 Per Child| Last Week: $40 Per Child *Includes Dash Kit. Wear your Bib to get Section 2 Concert Seating. MUST wear your Bib in order to gain concert access.

Children 2 and Under FREE *Does NOT include Dash Kit. Concert Entry in Section 2 Allowed if with Parent that's wearing their Bib.

General Concert Admission $20 Per Person *Can't make it to the dash? No problem! Secure your wristband for concert seating in section 3. (Does NOT include entry to Color Dash 5K event.)

Every Color Matters


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